Wrapping paper doesn't
have to be boring.

We are BadWrap

Born from the belief that humor is the best way to tackle even the most intense topics, we embarked on a journey to add a touch of levity to gift-giving.
Why should wrapping paper be boring or generic when it can be hilarious and on point?

Our wraps

Each of our designs is a masterpiece of wit. Funny? Check. On the nose? Absolutely. Intense? Why not!
Our team is constantly observing the world, turning its quirks into wrapping paper art. Whether it's the latest cultural phenomenon or a timeless inside joke, if it's something you've laughed about, we've probably wrapped it.

At BadWrap, we endeavor to foster a culture of humor and light-heartedness through our diverse range of wrapping paper designs. Our intention is never to offend, but rather to amuse and evoke laughter in life's special moments. Our designs are curated with a spirit of camaraderie, ensuring we laugh with individuals rather than at them.

We appreciate and respect the myriad perspectives of our customers, and are always open to constructive conversations surrounding our designs. However, we understand that humor is subjective and what may amuse one, may not appeal to another. If a particular design doesn’t resonate with you, we believe it's simply not the right fit for you. Our aim is to cater to a wide spectrum of tastes, making life’s celebrations a tad more cheerful, one chuckle at a time.

Quality is our priority

Our team have spent countless hours making sure we produce the best quality product with minimal environmental impact.

Renewable Materials

Each sheet is crafted from high-quality FSC paper that ensures a smooth wrapping experience.
Measuring 73 × 50.2cm, our sheets are sized to cover most gifts.

High Quality Printing

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality wrapping paper, using top of the range printing to ensure vibrant colours and precise details.

Print On-demand

We embrace sustainability by printing-on-demand, ensuring that each order is freshly printed to reduce waste and support environmental consciousness.

Our customer’s reviews

Very funny wrapping paper

I always find something funny on this site. Valentine's Day was hilarious!

Our customer’s reviews

Great selection and quality

I love the variety of jokes and the high-quality of the paper.

Our customer’s reviews

So so funny

Never had my friends laugh so hard when receiving a gift. Your wrapping paper is awesome.

DnD - Wrapping paper - Bad Wrap
FU - Wrapping paper - Bad Wrap
"Reindeer" - Wrapping paper - Bad Wrap